What a Great Experience in buying a piece of Land!

by RC Ruben
(Chicago, Il)

My Lot Purchase

My Lot Purchase

We had a very enjoyable experience with our vacant land purchase on line.

We were sent photos, given all the details of the purchase, down payment required was very low, monthly payments were also very low and in our budget range.

There was NO PRE-PAYMENT PENALTY, NO CREDIT CHECK. They explained that none was necessary because they used the property we were purchasing as the collateral for the loan. Easily explained, You pay the down payment, pay the monthly payments and the property is yours FREE and Clear.

They advised that there was a Discount for Cash, if we so desired.

They even set up our Real Estate Taxes to be paid with our regular monthly payments.

They showed us how to use the County Government Site to see our property using the GIS system, which showed exactly where your property is located, what the neighbor properties look like, showed the streets and you could also see all the natural washes in the area and if there were any on the property you were buying.

You could view from 1,000 feet up to several miles, where you could see a larger picture where the lot was exactly.

Down paymente was paid by ALERTPAY, all we had to do was register with them and we made our downpayment from using our credit card. We are also making our monthly payments the same way. We can also use our checking account to make the deposits for our monthly payments too.

Paper was emailed to us with complete instructions. We could have had the documents sent by snail mail, but this was more convenient. We signed them and scanned them and emailed them back to them.

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